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William Merrill

Control Engineer & MAC Advisor, Discipline Engineering Dept., ADMA OPCO

William Merrill is a Control Engineer & Main Automation Contractor Advisor at ADMA-OPCO in Abu Dhabi. He has over 35 years of experience in both discrete and process automation with Honeywell, Yokogawa, Fluor and BP. As a secondee he’s currently working on ADMA-OPCO’s SARB, Umm Lulu and NASR Projects.

Methodical approach in Identification / early capture of control interfaces from concept to execution during delivery of large brownfield oil & gas projects.

Obsolescence & Lifecycle Management of Control & Safety Systems

Abstract: Brown field projects normally involve extensive modifications on existing control and instrumentation architecture and may involve either addition to the existing or complete replacement. A complete assessment of the required modifications has traditionally not been seriously reviewed due to a lack of definition of the project scope till the end of the design stage and non-involvement of the vendors by the concept design teams.

Another key issue that needs to be assessed and key decision taken is how to mitigate the obsolescence of various control architecture by either having a staged plan for complete replacement or for providing key “interface gateways” between current & new systems without unduly affecting HSE / production / business targets.

The key challenges are alignment of key stakeholders i.e., the front-end design engineers, technology & strategic teams, executing project teams, respective vendors / sub-vendors and the ultimate operating authorities. Ensuring that all the above alignment is carried out within the specified project execution schedule with minimum business impact has been traditionally a challenge in the oil & gas industry especially more so for large / mega projects.

This paper deals with the methodology adopted by ADMA-OPCO to effectively address the above challenges so that these are properly addressed / captured at various key stages of project design / execution to minimize the delays that have otherwise been caused due to adoption of traditional engineering approaches.

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