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Antonius Hameleers

Managing Director, Durag Sales & Marketing GmbH, Durag

Ton Hameleers has joined the Durag group in 1997 for building-up the export department, but started his career in the early 80’s after his studies in Electronics. Working for various system and instrumentation companies, Ton is still very active in the field of Measurement & Control Instrumentation & applications. Also due being a free-lance teacher for 7 years in the same field, and Chairman of a Dutch Study Group called Botlek Study Group,( for sharing application technologies), Ton has an excellent overview what’s going on about the Instrumentation & Control applications in most parts of the world.

Reliable Flare Stack ignition with practical tips and examples.

Functional Safety & SIS

Abstract: Smitsvonk is for almost sixty years a company that is specialized in (flare) ignition systems. The ignition systems are on the basis of a capacitor discharge, a reliable principle that allows continuous operation under the worst possible conditions, year in year out. Moisture, dirt, water and oil do not have influence on the operation of the ignition system. The ignition systems are used for a host of industrial combustion processes, ranging from such small-scale applications as the ignition of a baking oven to the ignition of burners in pulverised coal-fired power plants. The focus of attention is the petrochemical industry, on- and off-shore, for flares, burners and incineration systems. A complete test facility is part of the Smitsvonk workshop in Zoetermeer (NL) overview: Ignition burners from 5 to 750 kW Pilot burners (for flares) from 5 to 50 kW Ignition units: – Electronic, 2, 4, 8 or 16 joule capacity. – Explosion proof executions. – Flame front panels. – Mobile/portable. Sparkplugs and torches: – For burner ignition. – For direct flare ignition. Control systems for automatic ignition Service, start-up and commissioning.

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