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Thony Brito

Regional Sales Manager vMonitor, Rockwell Automation

Thony Brito, has more than 17 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry working in Production Optimization and Digital Oilfields Implementation projects in South America and Middle East. Thony is graduated in Business and higher studies in Oil & Gas Production and Artificial Lift Systems from Metropolitan University in Venezuela

Securing the Digital Oil Field: A Model for in-depth IT/OT Integration & Cyber Security

Digital Oilfield, Wireless and Industrial Communications

Abstract: DOF implementation continues to guide an increasing number of organizations towards integrating business enterprise applications with asset operations domains. However, to truly enable informed decision making processes, collaboration between industrial automation and control systems is required. New technologies, including mobile devices and the cloud, are helping companies connect production with enterprise systems for greater productivity, better utilization of assets and improved decision making. This IT/OT convergence leads to enhanced productivity and reduced costs while maintaining a high level of availability, integrity and confidentiality by means of modern network integration. Unfortunately, these integration strategies can expose an organization to all types of threats and vulnerabilities, leading to compromised, confidential data now subject to cyber threats and malicious acts. A structured implementation and a holistic deployment of a scalable, robust, secure and future-ready “Defense in Depth” strategy is paramount. This is achieved through a multitier information technology architecture designed to help reduce loopholes and latency while increasing data availability and integrity. The result is an aggregated security posture, which can help defend against cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. This approach can be applied to any company’s industrial control systems, providing a flexible and re-useable framework for improving cybersecurity defense. This presentation provides insight into some of the more prominent cyber risk issues and presents them in the context of industrial control systems. It provides commentary on how mitigation strategies can be developed for specific problems and provides direction on how to create a defense-in-depth security program for control system environments.

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