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Dr. Thomas Mohr

Vice President Chemicals, RC-AE PD COC-PCHEM, Siemens LLC

Dr. Thomas Mohr is 54 years old and was born in Germany. He holds a M.Sc degree in Chemical Engineering.

During initial work with the Process Design Group of the global chemical company Hoechst he was as process engineer responsible for the design and optimization of chemical processes and later as Project Director for Major international Investments of that company.

Being employed by the company Siemens since the year 2004 he was focused on driving the sustainable development of the Siemens product and service portfolio in the chemical industry in different Senior Positions.

From 2011 he is working as Vice President Chemicals, being responsible for the Solution Business of Siemens in the Chemical Industry in the Lower Gulf Region.

Saving potentials in Process Automation - Essential tools for integrated plant operation

Integrated Operations

Abstract: 1. State-of-the-art DCS including cyber security tools, advanced process control, tools for condition monitoring, asset management and remote operation, integrated safety functionality, integrated telecontrol functions, energy management etc., allows safe and efficient plant operation. 2. Global, multi-discipline engineering over the total lifecycle of a plant ensures a quick startup of a plant, provides support not only for regular maintenance, but also for revision and modernization phases. An interface to the ERP system is a must, e.g. for spare part management. A bidirectional interface between process engineering and automation engineering, together with mobile devices for redlining the documentation on site allows a permanent update of the plant documentation, a “digital twin” of the plant. This digital twin represents the basis for any modernization, extension or cloning of a plant. 3. For planned modifications and optimization measures of a plant, the integration with a powerful simulation tool allows a preview of the plant behavior. Such a simulation also represents an essential component of an operator training system. 4. Integration of 3D visualization (“virtual reality”) is essential for training of emergency situations for operators and maintenance staff. It is also very helpful for maintenance purpose to localize equipment in complex plant structures. 5. Integration of a dashboard system, which allows an online access to all data of interest within a plant or even the total enterprise, combined with a freely configurable, demonstrative graphic representation provides the basis for the top management to make the right decisions

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