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Soloman Almadi

Engineering Consultant, Saudi Aramco

Dr. Soloman Almadi: Soloman is currently a professional Engineering Consultant in communication, process control systems infrastructure, system integration, Intelligent Field , and Cyber Security in Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia. He has over 20 years of experience at different capacities in the engineering, planning, and deployment of network and system solutions. Soloman Almadi holds a PhD in simulation and computing from Brunel University, UK and M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University, USA. and B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Texas, USA. He has published several IEEE and SPE technical papers in networking, system automations, substation, computing, simulations, and Intelligent Field.

Plants Centralized Account Management Practices - Case Study

Industrial Control System Cyber Security

Abstract: In a typical refinery or a gas plant facility, Process Automation Network (PAN) administrators may elect to individually manage 300+ devices (computers, network switches & routers), spends his / her time and efforts to bring them up to date, work with day-to-day hurdles in an ad hoc environment, or choose a more optimum solution: Centralized Account Management. Centralized Account Management is no longer an option, but rather a functional necessity. Some PAN administrators are responsible to manage multiple facilities that are geographically spread, such as bulk plants, refineries and gas plants, where the lack of common network backbone and a central authentication systems present operational challenges specially for remote sites and offshore Centralized Account Management is also considered as a “facilitator” and enabler for some cybersecurity solutions such as Security Information and Events Management (SIEM) , Security Operations Center (SOC) and Network Admission Control (NAC). This paper highlights some of the considerations when implementing centralized account management solutions for control systems, which may require complementary software / hardware to ensure and maintain “secure configuration” as per industry’s standards and procedure. Moreover, The PAN admin will be able to set global policies, enable login scripts and delegate some domain responsibilities. The findings of this are based on field experience, and thus PAN administrator(s) are strongly urged to confirm and verify the accuracy of any information presented herein and undergo thorough coordination with respective control system steering committee chairman and vendor

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