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Shyam Menon

Technical Sales Consultant, PAS

Shyam Menon is a Technical Sales Consultant for PAS. With more than seven years of experience in Instrumentation Control and Automation, Shyam has also held engineering roles at Alstom Power and Honeywell Process Systems. Shyam holds the following certifications: Instrumentation and Control system Expert certification on Advant Control 160 and 450, Advant Operating System 520 and Operator IT, Power Plant Commissioning Engineer Basics, and NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety.

Dynamic Alarming and boundary management

Alarm Management

Abstract: Poorly designed and poorly performing HMIs (process control graphics) are rampant throughout the industry. In most cases, those HMIs were created mimicking P&IDs, which were never built with graphics-based usability in mind. The result is HMI that falls short of providing proper situational awareness to the plant operator. Poor HMIs place a company’s safety, production, and profitability at risk and have specifically been cited as contributing factors to major industrial accidents. There are now well proven guidelines and best practices for improved HMIs, as well as methodologies to put them into practice. A high performance HMI takes into account human factor and ergonomic concepts in order to present information, not just data. This information increases the operator’s effectiveness by enabling them to understand unambiguously the state of the process and take appropriate action during abnormal situations. In this session, we’ll explore many of the issues with existing traditional practices and designs embodied in process control HMIs, providing examples of advancements in these areas. We’ll examine good and bad practices for HMI design and discuss how to assess your existing system.

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