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Sameh Elsabbagh

SCADA Systems Section Head, Instrumentation and Control, Enppi

Sameh Elsabbagh graduated in 1996 and achieved M.Sc in 2004 from Ain Shams University with Honor degree. He joined ‘Enppi’ –main Egyptian EPC Oil & Gas contractor– in 2004. He led Control systems and Instrumentation engineering on multi-million dollars projects and contributed in diversity of onshore, offshore and subsea projects.

Multiphase and Wet-gas Flowmetering Challenges and Key Outlines for proper Meter selection for Offshore Oil & Gas Facilities

Multi-Phase & Wet Gas Flow Metering

Abstract: Continuous Multiphase and Wet-gas flow metering MPFM / WGFM is very important for reservoir and well management purposes as well as for production allocation. The need for high performance meters has been expressed by the oil companies since quite many years back. The ever increasing need for Multiphase and Wet-gas meters is driven by an increased pressure on operators to manage costs, increase efficiencies, guarantee flow assurance and enhance production, particularly with fluctuating oil & gas prices.

Based on experience gained from participation in Oil & Gas Offshore field development as well as Egyptian Gas Subsea field development, this paper presents Wet-gas flowmetering challenges which need to be overcome for Offshore production facilities. The technical principles for the two main types of Wet-gas flow meters (i.e. dielectric and radioactive meters) are highlighted along with the advantages for each type. In this context, the main governing criteria for meter selection are identified to assure meter suitability to the application flow rates and combinations of oil water and gas. Besides, points to consider for proper Type test at approval bodies are presented. Lessons learnt from application of the radioactive technology in multiphase flow metering are discussed as well. The paper concludes with some recommendations and check list to assure for successful meter selection.

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