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Salim Al Barwani

Senior Production Measurement Specialist, PDO

Joined PDO in 1984 and worked in instrumentation and control in Operation and Engineering for both oil and gas fields. The past 11 years working in metering section (cooperate) as Senior Production Measurement Specialist.

Main activities is supporting metering selection, design, installation, operation, conducting reviews and updates of metering standards and procedures, conducting metering assurance (Health checks and audits), conducting metering training and competence to PDO staff and new metering technologies technical evaluations and trials.

The scope of metering applications in PDO covers different types of metering that include Custody transfer, allocation metering, metering for process control, well testing meters including MPFM’s and metering for environmental applications.

Custody Transfer Measurement Systems in PDO

Custody Transfer Measurement

Abstract: The Oil and Gas Industry focuses the sale of hydrocarbons hence valuable hydrocarbons must be measured accurately.

Oil or Gas export involves a mixture of hydrocarbons, which is difficult to measure accurately and repeatable when considering the quantities involved.

Custody transfer flow measurement must be carried out with great attention to technical detail, to the science of the hydrocarbon fluids and to maintaining the accuracy of the system.

Custody Transfer uncertainty levels will generally only be achieved by the implementation of the highest quality design, installation and operating practices. It is necessarily expensive to achieve, but offers the benefit of reducing financial exposure to potentially prolonged and undetectable systematic mis-measurement.

With the number of custody transfer metering skids increasing in PDO for both Oil and Gas applications there are many challenges to ensure that all these custody metering skids are designed, operated and meet contractual requirements and standards for custody transfer metering systems.

These challenges include the design of metering skids at first stage, during operation (maintenance), obsoleteness of metering equipments and competences of metering staff.

The correct maintenance and operation of a Custody Transfer measurement system plays a critical part in helping the system achieve its potential uncertainty target.

Maintenance schedules/frequencies for Flow meters proving and proving systems recertification, sampling system checks including primary and secondary instrumentation calibrations are to be carried out adequately to demonstrate confidence of the custody transfer metering systems to an acceptable level of uncertainty measurement requirements as per the agreements, local or international standards of custody transfer metering systems.

In general PDO will share its experience, learning’s and challenges in managing and monitoring different custody transfer metering skids for different operators that export oil to PDO Main Oil Pipeline including its own custody transfer metering systems within PDO.

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