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Peter D. Reynolds

Director of Consulting, ARC Advisory Group

In his role as a Director of Consulting at ARC, Peter performs research and consults with Technology Suppliers and Owner Operators in areas of strategic planning for industrial software, technology, and risk management. Peter also brings more than 24 years of professional experience in process automation and information technology in the downstream oil refining and petroleum product marketing, and has published several whitepapers related to automation and IT issues throughout North America and the EMEA.

Best Practices For Securing Your Infrastructure and What will Justify the Effort

Industrial Control System Cyber Security

Abstract: While many standards and guidelines exist for what companies should be doing to secure their industrial control systems, ARC has found that many organizations are still reluctant to take action. In many cases, cyber security efforts have been difficult to justify and fund programs and projects. ARC recently conducted ICS Cyber Security user research to help companies overcome this hurdle. ARC will present research on best practices and the future of the industrial control systems. Operations and maintenance technical organizations are evolving, and new support models are emerging to leverage automation infrastructure and related manufacturing business systems. Complicating Industrial Control Systems is The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). New support manufacturing business models and customer expectations are driving a shift in the paradigm of how plants will be supported by technical organizations. Techniques for adding IoT’s “digital umbilical cord” to a enhance the capability of existing industrial control systems allow companies to improve asset performance and enable workers - are now coming to market rapidly

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