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Najeeb S. Al-Hashim

Instrument Engineer, Specialist Engineering Unit, Saudi Aramco

Najeeb Al-Hashim is currently working as Instrumentation Engineer at Haradh Gas plant in Saudi Aramco. He obtained his M.S. in Electrical Engineering focusing in wireless communication from Ohio University, Ohio State, in 2009. He has years of experience in numerous field instrumentation and electrical system design projects. Najeeb Al-Hashim is a member of IEEE and ISA international societies.

Customizations of real time chromatographic analyzers to measure H2S in Methane Rich Gas stream Utilizing Dual stream Technology

Process Analyzers – Emerging Trends and key Factors for Successful Implementation

Abstract: Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) compound is often present in the natural gas wells. Because H2S is a highly corrosive material, gas undergoes several treatment processes to drop down the H2S to the acceptable levels. In order to maintain the reliability of the treatment processes H2S concentration of either the treated gas or final product is kept under continuous monitoring. At our plant we have 4 gas trains, two trains are dedicated for treating sour gas and the other two are dedicated for processing sweet gas. Each train was designed to have one gas chromatography analyzer on the chilled dry gas product line to assure moisture and dew point is within product specification. A newly chromatographic based technique was design to continuously analyze intended streams in a high efficient mode. The new designed system will replace two old analyzers combining their previous functionality with higher resolution. The upgraded design will exploit a Flame Photometric Detector (FPD) to analyze for low contents H2S limits (0-10 PPM). This paper presents the advantage basis for the new design of utilizing two sample systems injecting to one GC analyzer column to separate all of the measured sample components within the desired cycle time. The paper will also discuss important modifications for the new system.

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