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Control Engineer, US POSD, ADMA OPCO

M.VASUDEVAN, (, BS (Inst Engg) currently works as a Senior Control Engineer with ADMA-OPCO. Vasudevan has over 24 years of experience in design, installation , commissioning & trouble shooting of Instrumentation & control systems for oil & gas industry.

Portable Hydraulic Shut Down System for Minimizing Business Interruption.

Asset Performance & Productivity Enhancement

Abstract: Replacement of existing pipelines and top side is an on ongoing activity, which needs to be done without impacting production and compromising safety. The “Portable hydraulic shutdown system “is a key enabler in implementing strategies to achieve the desired end results. It functionally works as a Wellhead Safety shutdown system in managing temporary modifications to mitigate production losses during Brown field projects. This is of specific importance in a Junction tower, when the concept of “Jumper lines” is utilized to continue with the Terminal tower/s production. The jumper line is protected by the Portable Hydraulic Shutdown system maintaining the availability & reliability of the “Jumper line”. The estimated gain with the implementation of the scheme for production optimization in a certain Project amounted to 1.00 million bbls. The Engineering and selection has been done in – house within ADMA.

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