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Kassi, K.lazare

Oil &Gas Measurement Engineer, Process & Control Systems Department (P&CSD), Saudi Aramco

On-Line Analyzers Enhancement in the Gas Plant

Process Analyzers – Emerging Trends and key Factors for Successful Implementation

Abstract: Uthmaniyah Gas Plant Department (UGP) gets succeeded in planning, installing and commissioning number of new and different types of online process analyzers, such as: field-mounted analyzers, TDL laser analyzers, free-maintenance analyzers. Many benefits that could be gained from these installations, such as: minimizing the installation and maintenance costs of the conventional analyzers; eliminating the installation, operations and maintenance costs of un-needed utilities (Analyzer house, HVAC, power supply, flood lights, etc.); increasing the environmental protection in the gas plants by minimizing fugitive gas emissions; automating the existing systems. This plan is on-going until we complete the enhancement program among the gas plant. Also, we share our experience with other gas plants so other areas will get the same benefits. This direction will integrate and optimize the existing analytical process systems in the gas plants.

Field Trials:
Uthmaniyah Gas Plant installed and operated the new type of on-line process analyzers on different processes in order to observe the performance of these analyzers on its real processes. Some of the pictures with brief explanation will be shown in the relevant presentation.

Experimental Results:
Uthmaniyah Gas Plant got succeeded in its field trials and gained with lot of benefits from installing the new type of on-line analyzers on different processes. Compared resulted will be considered in the relevant presentation.

Uthmaniyah Gas Plant concluded that the new types of online analyzers got succeeded in improving the process analysis, and satisfying the personnel in the plant by eliminating un-needed cost, efforts and time.

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