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Khaled F. Abusalem

Engineering Specialist, Saudi Aramco

Wireless Instruments; How Far Can they Fly In Gulf Weather

Digital Oilfield, Wireless and Industrial Communications

Abstract: Since its emergence, few years back, end-users in Gulf Countries have been reluctant to deploy wireless instruments on scale, limiting its use to non-critical monitoring applications under certain constraints. This is due to the lack of confidence in its reliability, maintainability, and cost-effectiveness as revealed from the pilot-test that some companies have conducted on diversified wireless-instrument in severe weather and operation conditions to verify the concept. In this paper, we share Aramco experience with wireless deployment from end-user perspective. Specifically, it sheds light on different aspects of evaluating this technology, including:

  • Reliability in severe weather conditions
  • Maintainability
  • Ownership cost
  • Diversified protocols such ISA 100.11a and heart
  • Network design optimization to maintain line of sight with minimum number of repeaters routers…etc.
  • Technical capacity of maintenance teams in Aramco facilities

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