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Khaled F. Abusalem

Engineering Specialist, Saudi Aramco

Khaled has over 13 years’ experience in Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas Industry. He holds a Ph.D. Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Reading, UK. During his career, he worked for a variety of Companies including Saudi Aramco, Chevron and SABIC. Khaled is the Educational Chair of the ISA-Saudi Section.

Passing Valves, The Hidden Cost, and Potential Risk

Asset Performance & Productivity Enhancement

Abstract: Passing valve is a chronic problem in Petrochemicals and Oil & Gas industry resulting in a potential economic and safety impacts. In most of cases, leaking valves issues can be attributed to poor design, low quality manufacturing, improper installation, inefficient maintenance practices, or unsuitable operating procedures. Of so importance are maintenance practices, and specifically the utilization of predictive maintenance tools. To overcome this problem, predictive maintenance technologies have evolved to enhance maintenance practices of early detection. Among them are the acoustic sensors, and their back ground robust algorithms which are capable of providing advance diagnostics. This in turn, will help in planning maintenance activities well ahead to avoid chain of reactions leaking might lead to. In this paper, we share the survey result of passing valves in Saudi Aramco from all aspects. Specifically, this study evaluates the implications and consequences of passing valves, and ways of mitigation, throughout the life cycle of the valve.

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