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Guido König

Director, Product Management and Marketing Instrumentation and Controls, SAMSON AG

Modular Condition Monitoring and Trouble Shooting Diagnosis of Final Control Elements within the Plant Asset Management and The Internet of things environment.

Asset Performance & Productivity Enhancement

Abstract: Modern process automation is a decisive prerequisite for optimised plant operation. In addition to the automation of the production procedure and monitoring and maintenance of product quality, this also includes information on the availability of plant. Plant asset management is therefore an important task in production operations. The central tasks of asset management are: 1. Administration of assets throughout their entire life cycle. Of particular interest are identification, asset history, economic and technical data. 2. Organisation of the asset use and the maintaining of the health condition. 3. Generation and provision of information, particularly concerning the history and prognosis of asset health to support decision making Final control elements (typically control valves) are traditionally pure electromechanical devices and do not own real diagnostic capabilities to support an Asset Management Approach. The evolution of control valves especially the valve positioners to mechatronics (or pneumo-mechatronics) is an essential to integrate final control elements into a dedicated Plant Asset Management. Analyzing the last decade Valve Diagnostics already show intensive progress and improvement. Online Diagnostics and Histograms can detect a broad range of problems. Control Valve diagnostic experience indicates future enhancements related to detect and localize the causes and effects of final control elements. Utilizing several areas of Internet of Things (IoT) technology are able to expand Diagnostic capabilities to an enhanced predictive Asset Management.

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