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Erik Verloop

Sales Director, Kimman Process Solutions BV

Involved in Automatic Sampling of Liquid and Gas since the year 1999. Member of the ISO-3171 committee With the company KPS since 2001, current position: Sales Director Holds a M.Sc. in Management of Innovation and Technologies and a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering Previous experiences in R&D and Engineering.

New Automatic Sampler Design Reduces Oil losses and Maintenance Cost

Custody Transfer Measurement

Abstract: Automatic Sampling is one of the measurement methods most used to determine the quality of crude oil and condensate feeds, i.e. the water content and crude composition. As with all moving parts, automatic samplers are subject to wear out. Especially in the cases of maturing production fields or locations where sand can be present, premature leaking of the sampler can occur. In this paper, test results of a new automatic sampler design with an innovative pressure balanced system are presented which show a reduction in the maintenance required by 4 times compared to traditional designs. As a consequence, operational cost of auto samplers are drastically reduced. Apart from the reduction in operational cost, the new design shows a 'spot on' performance factor which proves to last much longer compared to traditonal designs. Tests results on crude oil/water mixtures will be presented quantifying the effect of a high and low performance factor on the overall sampling accuracy. The new automatic sampler design presented shows that deviations of the water percentage due to wear out can be prevented or at least substantially postponed. As a consequence, oil losses are prevented. We can conclude that the new sampler design tested at several sites including a Saudi Aramco affiliated and ExxonMobil owned major crude oil terminal based in Rotterdam, and several Petronas offshore production sites which proves a reduction in mainenance cost up to 4 times and a more accurate overall performance.

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