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Constantin Schoo

Product Manager, Product management Vortex flowmeters, Endress+ Hauser

Constantin Schoo is the product manager for the vortex flowmeter series of Endress+Hauser. His latest engagement was the worldwide product launch of the new vortex flowmeter series called Prowirl 200. He graduated as a mechanical engineer in the cooperative state university of Baden-Württemberg in Germany.

Flowmeter measuring steam quality

Advanced Process Control & Optimisation

Abstract: Endress+Hauser has sold approximately 150.000 vortex flowmeters into steam application. In 1984 volume flow measurement was sufficient for the customer. Steam is the preferred energy transfer medium for thermal energy because its temperature can be adjusted very accurately by controlling the pressure. Since the early beginning the state of technology allowed major suppliers of vortex flowmeter to offer mass/energy vortex flowmeters. But one major concern of steam users was never solved. There were no solutions available that could give an indication about the steam quality. Condensate can form because of heat loss anywhere in the steam distribution system between the boiler and the point of end use. Condensate can also form due to improperly operated boilers and failed steam traps. In a steam system, condensate will have the same temperature and pressure as the gaseous steam – the two physical conditions will coexist in a thermodynamic equilibrium, this is called two phase flow of steam. After 25 years of experience in the field of steam measurement with the vortex technology, Endress+Hauser has researched the different steam conditions in a five year research and measurement campaign. The result, from E+H’s collaboration with the Commission for Technology and Innovation (KIT) of the Swiss Confederation and the “Institute for Thermo & Fluid engineering” of the Windisch (CH) university is a unique automatic steam condition calculation in the Prowirl F 200. Prowirl F 200 is the first flowmeter on the world that measures the quality of steam.

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