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Argenis Garcia

Project Manager, Optimisation , National Oil Company of Venezuela

Project Management Specialist from Catholic University Andres Bello, Venezuela and Electrical Engineer, Specialist in Instrumentation and Control from The University of Colorado, USA, Technical Training Specialist, 35 years experience, he successfully has been in PDVSA: District Manager, Technical Manager, Projects Manager and Implementation of New technologies to increase the oil production.

Design and Construction of Latest Generation Cluster (LGC) Wells for Heavy Oil, using Cutting-Edge Technology and Best Practices in Project Implementation.

Asset Performance & Productivity Enhancement

Abstract: There is a need to standardize engineering design criteria, to evaluate technology alternatives offered on the market today and to apply best known methods used in project implementation for the construction of cluster wells to extract heavy oil in the Orinoco Belt. A determination was made to evaluate several and different topologies of platforms and drainage systems, the collection of crude oil and its transport, the distribution and of solvent, steam injection, and the powerhouse that includes frequency drivers electrical protection and whole automation requirements for monitoring and control process variables into the cluster. From a different perspective, for the successful completion of the project, this paper suggests that during all phases of the project, this must be implemented in an integral manner, such that a multidisciplinary team must be formed to ensure a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), involving all organizations committed to and involved with the project (stakeholders). The WBS must be made up of those responsible for Subsoil, Surface, Operations, Procurement, Planning and other areas. Each organization will have a representative who will report to the Project Manager. Also, risk management will be considered as part of the project implementation in order to increase the probability and impact of positive events and to decrease the probability and impact of adverse events for the project. Also, the importance of the mandatory participation of the Automation Engineer in all stage of the projects such as the Viewing and Conceptual Engineering as much as in Basic and Detail Engineering due to great changes in technology.

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