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Ahmed A. Said

Control Engineer, Discipline Engineering, ADMA OPCO

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. TUV Functional Safety Engineer certified, with 7 years of experience in the oil and gas industry as an Instrumentation and Control engineer. He has specific expertise in plant maintenance, project engineering and execution activities.

ADMA-OPCO Data Flow to HQ

Digital Oilfield, Wireless and Industrial Communications

Abstract: The main objective of the “Data Flow to HQ” project is to transmit data (such as downhole gauges, multiphase flow meters, critical process data etc…) from the existing facilities to HQ. The Scope of the initiative includes the following:

  • The infrastructure that will gather, transmit and store the data safely and reliably
  • Three local historians at each site (Zakum, Umm Shaif and DAS)
  • One master historian at ADMA headquarters with a capacity of 1 Million tags.
  • The application layer that will display and analyse the data to the relevant personnel.

This facilitates will present the right information in front of the right person in real time in a secure and reliable way thus enhancing decision making, oil recovery and reducing the cost of operation.

Implementation of this innovation combined with other components of the DOF will enhance recovery by 2 – 5% and reduce operational cost. It has infrastructure / tools and applications not only to collect huge amount of process measurement / diagnostic information with greater frequencies but also to manage / analyse it in real time in order to optimize reservoir, well and facility performance such as:

  • Real time production surveillance & dashboards to support process, petroleum engineers and reservoir engineers with daily, weekly and longer time cycle well management decisions.
  • Analyse equipment integrity related information and alerts to reduce failures.
  • Power Consumption, Emission and resources optimization.
  • Maintenance / Diagnostic information and generation of automated work orders.
  • Spare part management and alerts

The Scheme implemented is a combination of IT infrastructure, automation & instrumentation technology and not a simple data transfer. It makes the analysis faster and easier with software involved in efficient data management and present the data to users in collaborated environments

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