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Abdul Rahman Ahmad Akkawi

DCS Engineer, PA - Central Maintenance Automation & Control, Borouge

Abdul Rahman’s education level is Master of Science in Electrical Engineering where he had specialized in control. His career is mainly in the field of automation in petrochemical industries even though, he had contributed in researches related to power system control and has publications in that field as well.

An Optimal Tuning Algorithm for Reflux Flow Loop

Advanced Process Control & Optimisation

Abstract: Many companies, industries, and academics focus on the concept of process control due to its significance and high contribution in increasing profits, minimizing raw materials, and optimization. Process control has many topics and sub-topics as well. This paper addresses two of the most interesting topics: system identification and offline tuning. In system identification, the most reliable test is implemented on a reflux flow process. On the other hand, offline tuning is a huge topic in itself so this paper highlights the tuning techniques of Ziegler-Nichols and Particle Swarm Optimization. The two techniques have also been embedded together in order to form an Optimal Tuning Algorithm.

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