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Abdullah Mohammed Al-Yami

Instrument Engineer, Berri Gas Plant, Saudi Aramco

Abdullah Al-Yami is currently working as Instrumentation Engineer at Berri Gas plant in Saudi Aramco. He obtained his M.S. in Electrical Engineering focusing in wireless communication from, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) Dhahran, Saudi Arabia in 2015. He has years of experience in numerous field instrumentation and Process control projects. He has published several IEEE technical papers in wireless communication, process control systems, and IWSN modeling simulations. He is a member of IEEE and ISA international societies.

Performance Analysis of Industrial Multi-hop Wireless Sensor Network in Oil and Gas Industry

Digital Oilfield, Wireless and Industrial Communications

Abstract: One of the trends in wireless communications is the adaptation of a configuration which is cost effective, power effective and has low rate standards in order to achieve the required ambient intelligence. This paper encompasses development of Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks (IWSN) which is a type of sensor networks especially adapted and designed for industrial environment to improve process efficiencies. They inherit the potential to significantly outperform the traditional wired industrial monitoring and control systems, both in terms of cost and efficiency. Industrial WSNs a little unique since they operate under harsh environment and are required to transmit huge volume of real time data with minimum delay. Errors and delay could lead to a huge disaster in industry with loses of lives and finances. Protocols are developed that govern the IWSNs and ensure high data rates, security and data integrity of system with improved battery life. The paper provides a study on the use of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) in refineries, petrochemicals facilities, and oil and gas platforms. The work focuses on networks that monitor the production process, to either prevent or detect health and safety issues or to enhance production. WSN applications offer great opportunities for production optimization where the use of wired counterparts may prove to be prohibitive. They can be used to remotely monitor pipelines, natural gas leaks, corrosion, H2S, equipment condition, and real-time reservoir status. Data gathered by such devices enables new insights into plant operation and innovative solutions that aids the oil, gas and resources industries in improving platform safety, optimizing operations, preventing problems, tolerating errors, and reducing operating costs.

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