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Abdulla Ayoub

Automation Section Head, Engineering And Technical Services, GASCO

- More than 20 years of experience in Industrial Automation, Telemetry, SCADA and Project Management. More than 15 years in Oil and Gas industry. - Identify opportunities for improvement and implementation of Automation and process control applications. - Conduct economic feasibility studies to evaluate financial and technical viability of Industrial Automation Solutions/Applications.

GASCO Optimizes its Operating Plants through Advanced Process Control Implementation

Advanced Process Control & Optimisation

Abstract: GASCO is one of the ADNOC group of Companies, engaged in the extraction of the Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) from associated and natural gas in the United Arab Emirates. With a processing capability of 5,500 million standard cubic feet of feed gas (MMSCFD) per day, it is one of the largest gas processing companies in the world. GASCO has been a forerunner in the implementation of the cutting edge technologies with the aim of achieving: A. Energy Optimization, which directly leads to the lower emissions into the environment. B. Yield optimization and C. Improved Safety of the plants and Employees In order to attain these objectives, GASCO has successfully implemented Advanced Process Control (APC) at different Sites of GASCO with phenomenal results. The APC technology uses a model predictive multivariable constraint optimization strategy, which enhances the stability of the process, by proactively anticipating the excursions to the key operating variables and taking corrective action. GASCO embarked on this journey of APC implementation in the Year 2006, and has since completed successful implementation at different Sites due to the diligent engineering efforts and the effective strategy of Project Implementation. Tangible benefits to the extent of US$57,000 per day have been realized so far, due to APC implementation in GASCO. In addition, APC has also contributed to the reduction of the mental stress of the Console Operators. With the reduction of the excursions of the key variables, there has been a substantial decrease in the alarms generated. Sustained efforts are being made to sustain the benefits realized across different sites.

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